Friday, September 4, 2015

Cisco Webex Meetings Server CWMS 2 Error 23 Troubleshooting

Cisco Webex Meetings Server aka CWMS is sometimes a little bit picky about certificates. If you get the following error message whilst trying to acces the CWMS site it usually indicates a problem with your certstore:

"Setup was unsuccessful.Please try again [Error 23]"

You can try to capture the Webex logs via wbxtracer, and you will probably find an error 0x800B010A in it.
I could't find anything usefull in the internet, except for the fact that it is a certificate chain problem. So I decided to publish the fix here. Hopefully it saves somebodys day ...

Error 23 means IDS_SECURITY_TAMPERED. It means there is something wrong with the integrity check of a (Webex .dll) file.
Most typically this means there could be a problem with any certificate in the certificate path used to verify the digital signature on the file.

In my case, the issue is related to a missing intermediate signing certificate from Verisign (which is used to verify digital signature of Webex .dll files)

The fix is to download the certificate manually and install it as Intermediate CA certificate on affected PCs.
This is the link to download the relevant certificate from VeriSign:
If you use another CA / certificate, go and check their homepage.

Resolution Summary:

1. Download certificate to affected PC(s):
2. From within IE open "Internet Options” dialog box and under “Content" click on “Certificates".
3. Import certificate into "Intermediate Certificate Authorities” trust store.
4. Happy conferencing ;-)

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