Monday, October 10, 2016

CUCM 11.5 Custom Ringtone Troubleshooting

Recently I had a customer that asked for some custom ringtones. What should have been a task for about half an hour was finally a task that took me several hours on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5. If you are easily bored, there are still plenty of bugs in that release to play around with. So here is a short summary of the steps required to get this stuff up and running:

1. Be aware that the filenames like Ringlist-wb.xml are case sensitive.
2. When there is a signed file like Ringlist-wb.xml.sgn make sure to delete it when you upload the new Ringlist-wb.xml. The signed files are not renewed automatically when you restart the TFTP service. It will be renewed in the case there is no one. So delete it.
3. If you change an already existing ringtone and keep the filename, delete the ringtone.rwb.sgn file. Same problem as in point 2.
4. If your phone now sees the new ringtone and is able to play it in the ringtone selection menue, but doesn't play it as selected ringtone -> reset your phone

Finally Audacity setting for export:

RWB Files (newer wideband phones 88XX, etc.):

RAW Files (old phones 79XX, etc.):

Be aware that the old phones use the Ringlist.xml file instead of the Ringlist-wb-xml file.
The new wideband phones accept also "old" raw ringtone entries in the Ringlist-wb.xml files.

The process in general is very well described at:

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